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Recent Work

Frank in White Frank in White Frank in White Contemplating Man Keeping Warm
Woman Smoking Woman with her Head on a Pillow An Older Woman Open Mouth Aunt
Slight Woman Man in White T-Shirt Portrait of an Old Man An Old Woman in Gray An Old Man in Light Blue
Portrait Woman in White An Elderly Woman in Black Untitled Woman with Closed Eyes An Older Pale Woman
Portrait of Older Man Woman in a Sleeveless Dress A Woman with Dark Hair Woman Woman Wearing a Dark Shirt
Half portrait Falling Asleep Woman Sitting Woman Sitting Woman Sitting
Woman Sitting Judy Wearing Her Sweatshirt Woman with White SweaterMan Using a Walker Woman with her Hair Behind her Shoulders Woman Waiting for Dinner
Woman Wearing Gray Long White Beard Woman with Long Hair Woman with her Mouth Open Woman Saying Something
Woman with Pink Lips Older Couple Woman in Light Blue Shirt Woman with White Sweater Woman with White Sweater
Untitled Man Dark Dress Woman Resting in a Hospital Chair Couple Couple Relaxing
Patients Napping Eric Reading at the Table Untitled Woman Eyes Closed Tight Woman Wearing Black
Sharing a Blanket White Blouse Frank and Evie Judy in White Judy Looking Down
E. Smith Woman with a Bun Under the Covers Woman in a Hospital Chair Woman with Swollen Eye
Man with a Pipe Pink Blanket Judy S. Pale Woman Evie
Evie in a White Shirt Woman with Black Hair Woman with Sprayed Hair After Surgery Woman with Brown Hair
Woman with Brown Hair Woman with Red Lipstick Woman with Brown Hair Woman with Brown Hair Woman with Brown Hair
Man with Red Socks Woman with Brown Hair Couple Man Holding a Dog White Tablecloth
Man with Black Pants The Passing      
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