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Black Paintings

Man with a Bandaged Head Sitting Woman Woman Nodding Off in her Wheelchair Bandaged Woman  
Man with Red Suspenders Two Teeth Man with Head Brace Man with Wound  
Blind Woman Woman Pushing a Wheelchair Woman with a Sling Man Drooling  
Man Clearing His Nose Man with One Leg Old Woman Smoking Woman with Running Nose  
Woman with a Bottle Happy Woman Getting Sick Woman Bending Over to Urinate  
Woman Carrying Another Woman on her Shoulders Cavorting Woman Lifting her Dress to Urinate Woman Dancing with a Handkerchief  
Old Woman on the Floor Woman with Broken Leg Woman Restrained Old Woman  
Quietly Sitting Older Man Smiling Women in Hospital Gowns Sitting in the Dark  
Looking Down Woman in the Dark Man Draining His Nose Father  
Old Woman Smiling        
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